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SiriusXM Radio

Sirius XM Holdings is a broadcasting satellite radio company in the US. The company has its headquarter in, New York, New York, United States. Sirius XM Holdings was founded by, Martine Rothblatt, David Margolese, Robert Briskman, and has subsidiaries, XM Satellite Radio, Automatic Labs and so on.

You will get some special subscription package offers for 6 months subscription and that is for $24.99 only. Or, you can subscribe for 5 months for only $19.99 in this special offer. This subscription will renew automatically after the offer period at $50.59 rate. However, the customers always have the option to cancel the subscription, anytime they want.

The need for SiriusXM Special Offers

To avail this, you need to use your Radio ID and your account number. You have to tune the radio dial to channel 0. After that, your radio ID would be displayed there. If this doesn’t work, then you should access the radio menu function to get your radio ID. For a few Sirius radios, the ID can be displayed by pressing then holding down the ESN or SAT button. You can also access the menu functions of the radio to find the radio ID.

How to get the offers

To get the offer you need to visit, www.siriusxm.com/welcomeback

  • Once you have reached the page, you have to enter your
  • Radio ID
  • Account number.

SiriusXM Special Offers

  • After inputting the details, click the blue ‘Show Me My Special Offers’ in blue.
  • After this, you will see the special offers on your computer screen. You have tfollow the simple on-screen prompts to access the special offer of your choice.
  • If you want to find the Radio ID, then you have to click on, ‘How do I find my Radio ID?’ just under the account number blank.

You will be taken to a page where, you can know about this matter.

Register for SiriusXM Radio account

To register, you have to go to, http://www.siriusxm.com/welcomeback

Here, at the top right corner click on, ‘Manage my account’.

You will get a drop-down, and here, you have to choose and click on the first left side option, ‘Login or register’.

SiriusXM Radio online register

On the next page, at the left side just under the sign in button, click on, ‘Register now’ in blue.

SiriusXM Radio account registration

In the next page, you have to type,

  • Zip Code
  • Zip Code
  • Last Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Radio ID
  • or Account Number
  • or VIN
  • After this, you have to press on, ‘Continue’.

SiriusXM Radio Sign up

Logging in to the SiriusXM Radio online account

To log in you have to go to, www.siriusxm.com/welcomeback

  • Here, at the top right corner click on, ‘Manage my account’.
  • You will get a drop-down, and here, you have to choose and click on the first left side option, ‘Login or register’.
  • Here, you have to type,
  • Email or username, and confirmed the password and click on, ‘Sign in’.

siriusxm radio login

Forgot username or password

If you have lost the login details then you need to visit the same login page, and here just under the username blank click on, ‘Forgot my username’. In the next place, you have to enter

siriusxm radio signin

  • Last name
  • Email ID
  • After typing the details, click on, ‘Continue’.

siriusxm radio forgot password

For password, press on, ‘Forgot password’, under the password blank, and you have to enter, username.

Do follow the later prompts and you will get back the information.

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Contact details

To contact SiriusXM Radio you have to call on, 1-866-635-5027. Monday to Friday: 8am to 10pm. Saturday to Sunday: 8am to 8pm.

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