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VPZ is an UK based retailer of vape or e-cigarettes. The company has the brands, Coils, Kits, Tanks, and Mods and so on. You will get several categories, from which you can choose and buy from, and they are, liquids, coils, CBD, hardware and other accessories. To keep their standard the company wants to know what their customers think of their products, and the necessary improvements they need.

So the online survey, can get them their feedback. The online survey will take only 3 minutes to finish, so if you want, you can take part, before it ends. You just have to go to the survey page, and keep your recent purchase invoice with you, answer all the questions, and there you go, you have shared your feedback.

Join the VPZ Store feedback survey

To go to the survey you have to follow the site, www.tellvaporized.co.uk

  • Here, in the address panel you have to press on ‘enter’.

Join the VPZ Store feedback survey

  • This will get you to the survey page, where you will be asked about your overall satisfaction from the store visit.
  • Then, if the staff in the store are friendly enough
  • You will be asked, if you were offered to test any liquid or not
  • Then you will be ask to give stars based on your review.
  • Then stars on the product
  • Then you will be asked, if you want any new product for VPZ to sell
  • After, this, you just have to follow the prompts and input the answers as you have experienced in the store, and the survey will come to an end.

Take Part In VPZ Store Visit Survey

  • After you have answered, you have to press on, ‘Submit’ or ‘Enter’ to complete the same.

However, if you want to earn more benefits from the stores and online stores, then you can register and sign in with the online account.

Register for VPZ Survey

To register you need to go to, vpz.co.uk

Here, on the top right side you will have to click on, ‘Login’

Register for VPZ Survey

On the next page, at the bottom, press on, ‘Create account’. Here, you have to type,

VPZ Survey registration

  • First name
  • Last name

vpz survey create account

  • Email
  • A password
  • Then at the bottom left press on, ‘Create’.

Follow the prompts after this and you will get to register.

Logging in to the account

To log in you have to go to, vpz.co.uk

Here, on the top right side you will have to click on, ‘Login’.

In this page, input the email, and the confirmed password then click on, ‘Sign in’ from the left side bottom.

vpz survey login

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Forgot username or password

If in any case, you have lost the login details of VPZ, then you have to go to the login page, and here just under and at the right side of the password blank, click on, ‘Forgot your password?’.

vpz survey forgot password

On the next directed page, you have to input the registered email address and click on, ‘Submit’. Do follow the prompts after this and you will be able to get back the detail.

vpz feedback survey forgot password

Benefits of the online account

  • You will get speed up checkout
  • Get to track your deliveries
  • Get to look up old orders

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Customer service

To contact VPZ you need to call on,43 316 2725680.

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