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MFCU Visa Card

Willing to Activate MFCU Visa Card Online? The MCFU Visa Card allows its customers to activate their card online. If you have just received the MCFU Visa Card you can activate card online using card number. One can also activate the Members First Credit Union card by phone.

The MCFU Visa Card is made for everyday purchases and can be used at other destinations such as home improvement stores, departmental stores, restaurants and travel purchases. MCFU Visa Card is available in two options namely the Visa Platinum Card and the Visa Platinum Rewards Card. Read the guide below to find How to Activate MFCU Visa Card.

MFCU Visa Cards

As mentioned earlier the MFCU Visa Card is available is two options. You can choose from any of these options and enjoy financing with the card.

MFCU Visa Platinum Card

  • The MFCU Visa Platinum Card is created for anyone who is willing to get a card that carries simple rates and terms.
  • MFCU Platinum Rewards Card– the MFCU Platinum Rewards Card has a wide range of rewards associated with it. There are also a decent number of cash backs

How to Activate My MFCU Visa Card

  • If you have recently received the MFCU Visa Card then you need to open the activation page. www.mfcu.net/activate
  • There you will find the activation guidelines.

Activation My MFCU Visa Card Online

  • In order to activate My MFCU Visa Card online one needs to visit the webpage of Activate My Cards. www.activatemycards.com
  • Once the webpage opens there will be a button tagged ‘Let’s activate my Card’.

Activation My MFCU Visa Card Online

  • Click on it and a new page will open. Enter the Card Number and Date of Birth and click ‘Submit’.

MFCU Visa Card Online activate

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Activate My MFCU Visa Card through Phone

  • Customers who are willing to activate their MFCU Visa Card need to call on 1.800.411.6390.
  • Once the call is connected you need to provide the card details and personal information required for activation.

How to Enroll in Fraud Alerts

The MFCU Visa Card portal allows you to set up fraud alerts online. Once you sign up for fraud alerts you can view international transactions messages, view declined transaction and out of state transactions.

Read on for a guide to enroll in fraud alerts.

  • In order to enroll in fraud alerts you need to open the Visa Card activation page.
  • Scroll down till the bottom of the page and there will be a link reading ‘Enroll in Fraud Alerts’.

MFCU Visa Card Fraud Alert

  • Click on it and you will be navigated to a new page.
  • To begin you need to enter your card number and click ‘Submit’.

MFCU Visa Card Alert

  • Once your id is validated you will be allowed to fill out the fraud alerts form.

My MFCU Visa Card Payment

Pay Online

  • The MFCU Visa Card lets the customers pay their bills online. To pay bills online you must log into your MFCU Visa Card account.
  • Once logged in you can pay instantly using a checking or savings account.

Pay through Mail

In order to pay your MFCU Visa Card bills via mail one needs to send the payment through check. Use the following address to pay through mail:

Members First Credit Union
PO Box 2165
Midland, MI 48641

MFCU Visa Card Login

  • If you are wishing to sign into your MFCU Account you must open the Members First Credit Union webpage. www.mfcu.net/VISA
  • At the right of the webpage there will be an online banking widget.
  • Enter the username and password and click on the ‘Login’ button below.

MFCU Visa Card Login

Forgot Password

  • Anyone who has lost password needs to open the MFCU Visa Login page.
  • Now look for the ‘Forgot Password’ box at the bottom of the online banking widget.


  • Enter Login ID, and click ‘Submit’.

mfcu visa card forgot password

  • Next you will be allowed to set a new password.

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How to Enroll in MFCU Visa Card

  • MFCU Visa Card customers who have not set up online access need to open the visa card page.
  • Click on the link that reads ‘New User? Enroll Now’.

mfcu visa card enrollment

  • You will be navigated to a new tab that features a ‘MFCU Online Banking Enrollment’ section.
  • Choose whether you are a personal or business.
  • For personal account provide the following data:
  • Desired username
  • Primary account number
  • Last name
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth

How to Enroll in MFCU Visa Card

  • If you are a business then enter the following details:
  • APR Rate of the credit card is 6.90%
  • APR for purchases is 9.59% to 17.90%
  • APR for balance transfers is 9.59%
  • APR for cash advances is 19.70%
  • 1% is charged for foreign transactions
  • Late payment fee is $25
  • Desired username
  • Primary account number
  • TIN/EIN last 4 digits
  • Business name
  • Business zip code

My MFCU Visa Card Rate and Fee


The MFCU Visa Card is a great option for anyone who is looking for a credit card with low APR and fee. It can be used everywhere where Visa is accepted including – gas stations, restaurants, shopping destinations, departmental stores and more.

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